Shawpno started its journey in 2009, when a group of enthusiastic people decided to form a band in Sydney. They were Mithu- Lead Vocalist, Dibya- Lead Guitarist, Sujon-keyboardist and vocalist, Babu- Drummer.

Shawpno is mainly a melody based Fusion Band. Mithu, the pioneer of Shawpno Band who also named this band as SHAWPNO, is the main motivational power of the Band. Shawpno did a lot of successful Shows, stage performance, concerts, get together parties etc. Unfortunately, after 4 years, in 2013 Dibya left Sydney for his personal commitment, Sujon and Babu got busier with jobs and their other commitments. However, Mithu never left Shawpno alone and continued its journey with the help of other musicians.

Finally Dibya, the heart of Shawpno came back to Sydney and joined back Shawpno in 2017 with full of commitment. Then, new and stronger line up – Johny Octopad & Drummer (joined in 2017) and he is the main power of rhythm section for Shawpno Band.

Mithu- Lead Vocal
Dibya- Lead and rhythm guitar
Johny – Octopad & Drums
Evana – Band Manager

Dedicated members of Shawpno wants good wishes and blessings to continue their musical journey and serve the community as a whole.


Recent songs by Shawpno