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Nusrat Jahan Smriti, commonly known as Smriti is an active reciter, classically trained Rabindra sangeet singer, philanthropist and a well know Emcee in Sydney. She is born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been attending Guru Noren Biswas’s recitation workshops. From an early age, Smriti has been musically trained by Ustaad Messer Ali and Golam Sanowar Chowdhury.

Academically, she is a graduate of BSC (HONS), MSC in Soil Science from DU, B.Ed and M.Ed. from BNU.  Although, professionally she was a college lecturer at BTTC, being a creative soul, led her to a diverse life as of Samsunnahar hall (DU’S) Best BNCC Cadet Surgeon and a performer of BTV and Bangladesh Betar since childhood as theatre host and singer.

Smriti has been the cultural Secretary of SABCA in South Australia, organising various events in the cultural domain and mentored young kids for performances.

Her achievements include being a proud recipient of 2 ‘National Awards’ in the field of Recitation and Singing which continually motivates her to uphold her culture in Sydney through her talents.  Besides her performances, she also carries a strong passion for art and rural craft which stems from being trained at BSCIC. Her handmade traditional bamboo handicrafts attracted the attention of many at Sydney’s Bangla Art Exhibition in 2018. As a spontaneous community worker, she served her community for years as a vice president of LEO Club of Golden Star. Currently, community service is still keeping her engaged in a mission to fundraise for cancer patients in both Bangladesh and Australia.

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