Roksana Begum

Roksana BegumRoksana Begum

Roksana Begum is commonly known as Roksana. She started her musical journey from Chayanot, Dhaka, Bangladesh. At first she started with Najrul Sangeet and then Folk songs with a 5 years music course. She has learned Classical music from Ustad Sri Sanjeeb Dey. She took lessons for folk songs from Mr. Abdul Latif & Mr. Indro Mohon Rajbongshi.

After classical songs and folk songs education, Roksana has learned more Najzul geeti from Mr. Khairul Anam Shakil. Roksana was an enlisted singer for BTV (Bangladesh Television).

Besides singing, Roksana has dedicated her melody aspiration and music knowledge towards many others. She was a music teacher for 7 years at Gendaria Kisholoy Kochikacha. Then evolved Sydney Oikotan group in year 2004. And since then she keeps continuing for music in Sydney. She has established Kisholoy KochiKacha – Children’s Music & Dance group in year 2009 and since then produced many young rising stars for Next Generation.

Roksana is a multi talented and devotee for music and art-culture. Beside singing she is also a professional Harmonium player. Roksana is well known in Bangladeshi community as an active social worker. He is a member of many other welfare organisations and actively helping many programs in Sydney. Occasionally she mentors multiple Children group performances. And also she has a great capacity to mentor young children for preparation and establishing them for live performances.


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