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Nilufa Yeasmin has established herself to be a Bengali singer in Sydney at her local community. She is commonly known as Nilufa.

Nilufa was born in a cultural family. She learned music from her uncle Tele Shamad, who was an actor, singer and a music director as well. She also took music lessons from Tele Shamad’s elder brother Artist Abdul Hai during her childhood, who was a well known painter and singer.

Later on Nilufa also took music lessons at Kochi Kachar Asor at Munshigong, she was 8 years old then. She had learned various Bangla songs such as Nazrul Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet and patriotic songs at Munshigong Shilpo Kola Academy during 1986 to 1991. Later on she continued to practice music under the supervision of her brother-in-law Ustad Sorder Nishar Ahmed.

Nilufa was a proud member of Munshigong Udichi Shilpo Gushti before she came to Australia. In Sydney, she was a member of Ekushe Academy Sydney, Australia.

She is now involved with FnF Cultural Club, Sydney. She have actively performed in many local programs and cultural events in Sydney and won many hearts.

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