A sample cultural bio-data

Here is a sample cultural bio-data to make your job easy. Just copy it and put down your details in it. That’s it, can it be any easier!?!


(Your full name) is commonly known as (your known name). He/She was born and brought up in (your birth district).

(Your known name) started learning music at the age of (your age when you started music). His/her first Ustad was (your 1st Ustad’s name), he/she learned music from him/her for (number of years) years. Later on he/she also got the opportunity to take music lessons from (other teachers names that you took lessons from). (Your known name) is very grateful to all of his/her music teachers to help him/her become the artist that he/she is today.

(Your known name) is involved with (the cultural group you are involved with) at the moment. He/she have performed at (all the shows & programs you have performed at) as a valuable member of (your cultural group name).

So far, (your known name) have performed at (any radio, tv or other media where you have performed). He/She have already published (number of your published albums) albums (or original/moulik songs). (Put name & other details of your albums/songs here).

(Your known name) have achieved/rewarded (all the rewards or achievement you’ve got so far) for his/her extraordinary performance in the field. He/She has been known and appreciated several times for his/her contribution in the Bengali culture by his/her fans, friends and well wishers.

Currently (your known name) is a proud member of (your current cultural group/s) and he/she loves it here. According to him/her – (a short statement/message from you for your fans).



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