Ruhul Amin


About Ruhul:

Ruhul Amin is wellknown as Ruhul. He is one of the reputed folk singers from Sydney.

Ustad and lessons:

Ruhul took a fours years course from Bulbul Latitkola Academy (BAFA) deferment of lokosangit. He learned classcical music from Dr Harun ur Rashid,  Usdats Porimol Chandra Das, Ustads Sadullah, Ustads Abubakar Siddiq, Salim Reza and Biman Chandra Mujumder from Chayano.

Stage performance:

Ruhul have performed in many local programs and stage shows including Olympic Park Boyishaki Mela, Fairfield Boishaki Mela and other cultural event in Sydney, Australia.


Ruhul’s 1st album was “Obak Prithibi” by Rajesh and Prodip Shaha. It was released in 2010.

His 2nd album was “Tumi Bine” by Mannan Mohamma.

Accordint to Ruhul – “Music is my power to move my soul”.



Recent songs by Ruhul


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