Dina Evana


Dina Evana, commonly known as Evana, is a spontaneous singer of melody & band songs, Nazrul & Semi classical songs.

Music Lesson:

Her first music/sangeet guru was Rangalal DEY and afterward Arun SHAHA. Finally she had her classical lesson from one of the best and famous Ustads of Classical music Ustad Miheer LALA of Arjo Sangeet Academy for 2 years.

Media and Evana:

Evana started her musical journey with Bangladesh Betar Chattogram (RADIO Bangladesh Chittagong) since she was only 4 until she was selected as an enlisted singer of NAZRUL Geeti/song in Bangladesh Betar Chattogram (RADIO Bangladesh Chittagong) and also an enlisted RJ & a Program Organiser of newly introduced program “World Music” until she moved in Dhaka in 2007 and Australia afterward. She also performed in Chittagong TELEVISION quite a few times.

Motivation & Inspiration:

Evana had a keen sense of rhythm from her childhood. To her, growing up in such a family where parents were also concerned about their children’s extra-curricular activities such as music, was a blessing. Her mother’s family was blessed by the music teaching of the famous Singer Abbas Uddin Ahmed, father of Ferdousi Rahman who used to be their neighbour. As a result, two of her Aunts were enlisted Singers of “All India Radio”. Besides her family, many solo singers inspired her. Hoimonti Shukla, Shondha Mukharjee, Indrani Sen, Shahnaz Rahmatullah, Samina Chowdhury, Lata Mongeshkaar, Asha Bhoshley, Mitali Mukharjee are some of them.

From her childhood she was actively involved with many cultural groups/activities such as “Nilambori Khelaghor ashor”, Shornali cultural group etc. and also awarded 1st price in several competitions as a junior artist. After moved in Australia, unfortunately she was off from music for several years due to her study commitment. At the moment she is actively involved with Ekushe Academy Australia as a singer, Shawpno Band Sydney as a Band Manager, FnF Cultural Group Australia as one of the Organisers.

To her, Music is the tranquillity of mind.


Recent songs by Evana


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